Birthday party for kids and Golden birthday are available!
Balloon decoration and much more...
Exciting event to find out more!  contact us at

Korean "DOL" - beautiful "Hanbok" Free rental is available for kids photo! 
돌잔치 한복, 풍선 데코레이션, 부담없는 예산 - 문의 해주세요.



07/24/2012 08:33

The outdoor Displays will attract attention of peoples to your business, event or promotion in areas where high traffic or crowded visuals demand superior impact.


The party event managing seems to be going quite excellently, I was working at the and saw some more of such wonderful places for myself to get a party event organized, Thanks for such a wonderful share.

05/25/2017 17:12

Korean-themed birthday celebration is one of the coolest things I've seen, especially if a children will celebrate. There's so many colors I am seeing, but it's not an eye sore. A celebration like this is promising and I'll consider this for my daughter's birthday next month. By the way, I hope you are enjoying your work as an event and wedding planner. Your job is such a goal for many!


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