Katie and Shawn tied the knot on June 25th, 2011. It was a beautiful day and the bridal party was so so fun!
The food was great, our guests enjoyed, everyone went home with a lots of stories to talk about...

Katie & Shawn - wedding

 Venue :        Lougheed House

 Catering:    Distinctive

 Planning :  Luxe Wed Boutique



01/05/2017 04:43

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05/01/2017 18:22

I have seen the wedding photos and before anything else, I want to say congratulations to the both of you. The wedding was really beautiful. I can see how happy the both of them are. The venue was really great as well. I love the lavender themed color of the wedding. I am actually planning to have the same motif on my wedding. Thanks for the idea!


Well, I am glad if this wedding was fantastic. I am really happy for you.

09/03/2017 13:22

You should share some of these stories here. I will gladly read them personally.


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